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A women telling her best friend he should be with her,

Song Length 3:24 Genre R & B - General, Latin - General



Schantell Wharton

John Schutt

Lisa Markovich


It's 2 oclock in the morning

There's a knock at my door

It's you again, She's broken your heart once more

So I let you in...just to hear the same story

Baby, Baby, maybe you don't know this is boring


How many times,

Has she messed up your mind

And you're here crying

On my shoulder

Why can't you see?

I've got what you need

So stay with me and we

Can make it work together

You should be with me

You should be with me

You should be with me instead



You trust me with everything

When you pour out your soul

I'm tired of waiting, it's leaving me so cold

The way you look at me, I can tell you want me more

Baby Baby Baby we can write our own story


You should be with me instead--4x plus-echos


It's 2 oclock in the morning

There's a knock at my door

Contact Information: Schantell Wharton--email: Phone#-765-655-4923-Text Only

Nice, original instrumentation. Vocal pitch on, probably not the easiest line to sing. With that boring line, I really don't know how to put this, but in a film, its when the actor turns to the audience and talks directly to them. Now the song has taken on another character, something few songs have.

great voice and great song

Great intro! This is a haunting story of a lost lover and pleading for him to come back. The narrator pleads her case "You should be with me" - she's better than the heart-breaker out there. Clearly told story. Love the story/boring rhyme, very original! Vocal is clear, dramatic and beautifully done. Spot on! What a voice! Nice instrumentation. Great production.

Very nice vocal tone! Really interesting timbre.
Great melody and I particularly love backing vocals on the hook.
Great music!

Lyrics ©Wharton/Schutt/Markovich Music ©Wharton/Schutt/Markovich
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