Words are for songwriters (2015)

Story Behind The Song

Three chord formula and a little vocal fun.

Song Length 2:18 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Vocal Samples Similar Artists C2C, Groove Armada
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

I stumbled across this musical piece in the electronic - experimental genre and so, I played it all the way through to see if this experiment is going to work. And oooh... Yes, it does work. Albeit, there are very strange happenings going on in this music; and it kept my ear all the way to the end and I also got into a groove as I took some overly dramatic selfies while I was listening; I really got into it. There were a few spots in this musical piece where I think the alcohol in my cough syrup kicked in - all in all I had fun listening and so did my pet turtle!

Lyrics "Output" Music N.Jones
Producer N.Jones Performance N.Jones
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Clean Clean

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