Rage of the lemming (Rage 2011))

Song Description


Song Length 3:15 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Furious, Outraged Subject Violence, War
Similar Artists Ministry, Metallica Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Great guitar work bringing this hard rock to another level. Pro production. Well done

Man, there is some POWER going on here. I like the way the drums were incorporated and the bass tone is freakin' awesome. Lots of potential.

Very energetic piece, firing on all cylinders. Really good instrumentation, especially the drum work. Love the finish.

This sounds like a Trent Reznor song, a very good start yet I feel like its a bit bland. It would be really good for a thriller film as is, yet as a listenable piece it needs vocals. A Rammstein like vocal would fit perfectly and make it an incredible industrial tune. I really love what you have created here.

Loved the layers and complexity. Keeps the listener's attention from the start. Time signatures are well done. Enjoyed the consistent heavy sound of the guitars and drums. The song evokes mood easily. Would do real well in a visual format (video, movie, etc).

Awesome well done! Very unique and original. Well performed and recorded

Nice heavy sound, reminds me of early metal.. strong and moving. Makes you wanna stand up and thrash....

Interesting -
Good Job
Kinda Industrial Techno Metal...

Purely awesome! Love that tune. Excellent combination of elements in the right places to drive the BIG sound through the roof. Great precision, spaces where they should be, and variety of sonic colors to make it work so well. That percussive staccato is certain to echo in the listeners head well after the song is over. Many interesting sounds; especially liked that phaser(?) at 2:26. Liked that section at 0:41 that was sort of Industrial sounding as well. At 0:56 I wanted to stand up and start cheering this song! All well recorded with great clarity that just sent all that precision weight through the roof! Extremely well done.

Interesting blend of styles. Sounds like a sci-fi, action movie soundtrack.

This song had some interesting metal/electronic elements. Reminds me of a blend of Ministry and NIN.

Reminds me of Ministry. Not an industrial fan but I liked this. Especially the call and response on bass and guitar.

it has a nice metal / industrial feel


awesome beat. guitars sounded cool. reminded me of static-x. one of my favorite bands. the groove was the hook for me which is really rare. i love your originality.

quality metal playing. love the synthesizers. Not a fan of the instrument in metal but they are perfectly placed. Recording quality is great. Everything sounds warm and clear. Something to listen to on the Xbox?

I was really digging the fusion here - Trent Reznor meets modern Heavy Metal. Songs like this could put Metal back on the airwaves in secular media. It is very modern sounding and should appeal to a non-typical metal teenager/young adult. It's a Metal Rave and has great market potential.

this song has it's originality in the melody and beat.melody easy to remember, good choice of sounds.

Nicely done. Very urgent and tense feel to it. Like the synth lines added.


Music N.Jones Producer Protilius
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