Mojo built my hotrod (2014)

Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - Alternative, Electronic - Industrial
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Crime, Theft, Racing
Similar Artists Ministry, Nickelback Language English

Good old-fashioned head-bangin' rock...

Full of energy and changes, and I love the hybrid of distorted guitars with orchestral undertones. The bass is nice and funky, and there is some nice vocal layering. I hear Korn, NIN and FNM influences, but it's still distinct.

Really cool sound. Love the way this is built. Instrumentation is great, as well as arrangement. Song is really weird in a really cool kind of way. Love the ending.

There is a heavyness in the instrumentation that is good. Never gets boring.

Cool sounding rock/industrial track. I like the use of the multi track layering. Some might say it's over produced but I thought it was pretty badass. Could see this song used in some kinda of Chase scene in a movie or TV sitcom. Singer sorta reminded me of Les Claypool from Primus. Nice work.

Lyrics Mike Costello Music Nathaniel Jones
Producer N.Jones Performance Mike Costello (Vocals), N.Jones (Sequencing/Guitars)
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