Idols (2015)

Story Behind The Song

Experimentation with sound design and happy scales.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Electronic - Dance, Electronic - Dubstep
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Other
Subject Dreams, Miracles Similar Artists Paul Oakenfold, Skrillex
Language No Language

Kickass production on this song. It's so wide and crisp. Gave me chills listening to that intro. I love that snare and the tempo changes. It really kept me interested. Reminded me a little of Dragonforce during the fast arpeggio part. My foot was tapping and my head was bobbing as I'm writing this. The chords you're using also sound really cool. Not as common in the electronic music I've heard. Also like the video game sounds.

Nice start - good contrast between timbres and great build with drums.
Really interesting shift in rhythms throughout! Fab!
Middle - good choice of timbre - shift in the feel
Good solid structure
Drums - good use of different rhythms, fill ins etc throughout
Very last part - quiet ending note is a good contrast to the rest of the piece.

Cool intro, realy enjoyed, overall an engaging track, great production, I liked very much the sounds, really well choosen for a dance song; Rhythm is involving me. Great work.

Very Swedish House Mafia like. Love it.

Its a very high quality dance tune that could be played in clubs and with a good quality vocal from a female artist it could be a big hit, Anthemic

This music makes me want to die! Well done!

A very polished, high-quality production!

Music Snow Producer N.Jones
Performance Snow
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