Dirtied Faith (The Detective Ost)

Story Behind The Song

The killer has sent a video feed to the detectives via a phone. He's revealed his location as he tortures his next victim, all the while daring the detectives to save her. Upon the detective's arrival, the murderer slits the wrists of his victim and disappears into an elaborate gambit of illusions. One detective franticly attempts to mend the victim's wounds while the other pursues the killer in a game of "cat and dying mouse." The girl bleeds out and the killer gets away...

Song Length 4:00 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Non 4/4 Similar Artists Trent Reznor

Very nice arrangement , sounds like a fish exploding in dry air, good repetitive and subtle evolution of theme, good mix of dynamics, use of contrast in that ( sax ? ) line ... good use of ambient techniques. very nicely done. Slightly cataclysmic ending reminded of that theme from 13 days ( I think that's what it was called ).

you found a perfect sound for this piece... I think this is one of my all time favorite pieces on Broadjam. The off center and tense feelings it created was excellent excellent excellent. Very unique, it was so refreshing to hear something that was completely different

This thing sounds ready for the big leagues for sure. Nicely moving along with strong builds and smooth releases. The unique instrumentation and production of this work is what truly holds it all together and keeps the listener engaged throughout the piece. The parts that get a bit chaotic add tons of interest. Nice stuff.

This piece really grabbed by ear. Starting out with a Nine Inch Nails type distorted piano and rhythm, building into a sax and worldbeat type rhythm. Quite unique!

Music N.Jones, D.Tucker, M.Gladstone, A.Edwards Producer N.Jones
Performance N.Jones, D.Tucker, A.Edwards, M.Gladstone
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