Counterstrike_EXE (2014)

Story Behind The Song

Epic organic trailer music.

Song Description

You're rallying the troops. Its time for payback.

Song Length 3:18 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Fuming, Aggressive Subject Danger, Judgement
Similar Artists Hans Zimmer, James Horner Language No Language
Era 2000 and later


150 Bpm

3/4... For the most part.

This is a terrific piece!! Very dynamic and exciting! Wonderful flow, wonderful arrangement and the mix is electric....almost blew my headphones off my head. Would make a great movie score!

Fantastic piece... very striking and exciting. It definitely keeps your attention. Sounds like EWQL strings... you've done a very nice job of keeping the virtual strings from sounding like synth sounds. I can easily see this being a very useful piece in a movie or television program.

This is VERY strong compositionally. Lots of great instrumentation, dynamics and overall a very exciting piece that builds both tension and momentum. Nice use of some very high quality sampled instruments. This could easily find its way into a film or trailer. Epic sound, skillfully handled. Very nice work overall.

Excellent composition and arrangement. A very visual piece. Great use of strings within the arrangement. The ominous vibe is overwhelming and the ending is surprising.

Great ideas.

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Performance N.Jones, East/West, Kontact
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Clean Clean

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