Battlemage (2016)

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I was interested in sequencing up an entire piece from the ground up. No phrases, loops, or unwritten notes. All hand made.

Song Length 2:24 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Non 4/4 Similar Artists Neely, Horner, Zimmer, Elfman, Newman

Intense at the start then moving through various orchestral builds, this textural soundtrack is conceived and executed well. The change at 1:05 is very cool with orchestral woodwind motifs juxtaposed to highly saturated synths/guitars. The introduction of the piano at 1:53 is a really nice choice to close out the piece. I could easily see this used in TV/Film, Video and/or Voiceover work. Great job!

Excellent composition and arrangement. Fun Listen!! Great work!

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
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