Song Length 3:05 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Delighted, Endearing Subject Dreams, Happiness
Similar Artists Drake Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

I enjoy the whole texture of the beat. I think its a simple but great sounding. This reminds me of real hip hop story telling. I hear someone like Styles P on a beat like this.

Love the bounce it has a free feeling to it I could hear this as a nice smooth rnb record no offense.

Very groovy feel, right from the start. Definitely draws you in to hear more and where the song/music is taking you. A sexy-sounding tune waiting for a melody and lyrics to take it to the next level.

Very song melody Jeff the song reminds me of the 90s hip hop when guys actually too the time to place certain instruments where they belong it has a great fill to it keep it up great job

Harmonically simple yet mesmeric composition. To my surprise it held me. I was kind of expecting a singing voice to break in , but in the end the piece didn't need it (or did I miss something?). Tastefully played live drums knitted the piece together.

A wonderful instrumental, the instrumentation is great, lush, organic and fun.
Drums sounded great as well and it was not to long or boring. Just right. Very well done.

Ruby is sad and wants to be alone and think about things for a while. So Ruby dawns her winter attire to go for a walk in the heart of Brooklyn perhaps on a cold winter's night. A movie clip of Ruby walking around town; the snow falling around her and she is in deep thought about a subject matter relevant to the movie plot - yes - this musical piece would be nice to hear as a backing. It is a slow tempo smooth jazzy fusion piece. I like this piece of music.

I like the kick of the drums it makes you want to bop your heard to this one and that vocal in the background makes you crave for more be it lyrics or more variations but its got a good feel to it.

This song had a nice bounce to it and with some good lyrics it will be a fun song.

Music Produca X Producer Produca X
Publisher Produca X Performance Produca X
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