Flowers While Livin

Story Behind The Song

Produca X expressing his take on showing and telling the ones you love you love'em before their gone.

Song Description

Upcoming producer and hip hop artist Produca X drops his latest track "Flowers While Livin". The smooth, catchy instrumental is the perfect beat for his straight-forward lyrics expressing his take on showing and telling the ones you love you love'em befor

Song Length 2:08 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delightful, Restless Subject Philosophy, Encouragement
Similar Artists J. Cole Language English
Era 2000 and later

I enjoyed this tune a lot. As i've been reviewing random hip hop cuts as they come, I've come across a lot of artists that are really trying to sound like what's current, or what's on the charts right now. A lot aren't making hip hop for the love of hip hop, and your track has the flow, lyricism, the unique hook, and the 90's boom bap feel that adds a level of sincerity, which I personally really dig. I think if you got the flow and the ear for hooks/beats, which you have, you could be part of some of the new wave cats bringing back the true of essence hip hop.

true statement, good pace to the music

Lyrics Produca X Music Produca X
Producer Produca X Publisher Produca X
Performance Produca X
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