Story Behind The Song

We thought we would write a fun song about a girl who just wants to go out and have fun. She is not in the mood to meet any guy, she just wants to have fun with her girl friends!

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Annoyed
Similar Artists Shania Twain, Martina McBride Language English


Im sittin in this chair, and definitely not alone
im Here with my friends, didn't feel like being home
I don't feel like dancing' but I like most of the songs
I sing along..then you come along!

Really, I mean come on!
Really, then you come along!
Really, I just wanna be left alone!
Really, Oooh Really

Theres one night a week
I look forward to havin' fun
Ive had my share of boyfriends, titalways come undone
I think I understand the words to every song
Sometimes they make you happy,
then you come along!

Repeat Chorus-

Its time for me to go, I think I just wanna go home
Ive heard those same lines a thousand times before
I think Ive heard enough tonight!

-Repeat Chorus-

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus again

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus..fade out

Spoken: Come on Man! Really?

Nice guitar work/tone.

I love the intro. Cool dorian mode. Fabulous vocal performance! Wonderful melody and chord progression. Very interesting melodic transitions that are a nice surprise in relation to the chord changes. Great arrangement, instrumental performances and high quality recording. If you aren't looking for a label cut, I see this song getting grabbed quickly for use in film and TV.

Lyrics Priscilla Perry, Steve Long Producer Stacy Hogan
Performance Priscilla Perry
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