Its Gotta Be You

Song Description

A sassy song about a man and woman who loved eachother, but then the man cheated on the woman. The woman lost many years of love to the man that cheats on her.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Bad Love Similar Artists Reba Mcentire
Language English


Its Gotta Be You
Written by Steve Long and Priscilla Perry

When I woke up this Mornin', I had one thing on my mind
Theres gotta be a place for me that Im going to find
This little white house, where my dreams all fell through
Now everything gone all because of you

Its gotta be you
I lost all my friends
Its gotta be you
My job had to end
Its gotta be you
I have no connection
Its gotta be you
All because of you

Heading down main street
I see pieces of our lives
That job where you work 9-5
I was your queen, thats at least what you said
I should have known then when I was alone in our bed

Repeat Chorus

Theres a road we would take
We'd go swimmin' at the lake
Going home late at night, we could barely stay awake
That bar on the corner, you'd hang out with your friends
Little did I know, it ended in sin

Repeat Chorus

Its gotta be you
I gotta be free
Its gotta be you
My life will be mine

I gotta be free...
I gotta be me..
My life will be mine..
Its gotta be you..
Its all your fault!..

Sweet song, nice arrangement and vocal.

Lyrics Priscilla Perry, Steve Long Music Priscilla Perry, Steve Long
Producer Stacy Hogan Performance Priscilla Perry, Steve Long
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