Story Behind The Song

I don't believe that there are many songs delving into the carribean mythos of Brigitte and Salmudi, though voodoo has been touched upon in films from Live and Let Die to Angel Heart - so starting with a tom beat and some spacey sound effect I tell a tale of perhaps meeting voodoo royalty.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


- salmudi, come to me -

down by the border I met a gypsy queen
took me by the hand, showed me things I'd never seen

power of love

said her name was Brigitte, had a rooster feathered black
stole my heart with a simple spell and she ain't going to give it back

power of love
power of love was in her soul

she kept calling me her Salmudi, told me it was my fate
I hear chants, see mystic realms, it's too much for me to comtemplate

power of love
power of love was in her soul

burning with fever, consumed with fire
to die in her arms is my one desire
she made me love her, I had no chance
I'm an unwilling partner in her voodoo dance

power of love - endless temptation
power of love - endless possibilities
power of love was in her soul

Very interesting sounds on this track, I like, it's unique.

Very unique and clever piece with a very pleasing riff. Instrumentation and arrangement sounds topnotch.

Unique topic: Falling for a gypsy woman near the border. High marks for creativity. Song immediately grabs the listener with a unique introduction, tribal-infused drums coming in right and left through my headphones. Whispered "come to me" great foreshadowing. Truly an expert mix. Guitar licks also catchy. Superb sound effects. Gripping story. Clever rhymes.

Interesting little groove that has a lot of potential. I like the main guitar lick and sound a lot. Like, a LOT. That's where the emphasis of the song should be in my opinion. The bass is strong and well-toned, and I'm a fan of all the drums sounds excluding the snare. Overall I enjoyed the listen!

you cleaned it!

I really dig the overall vibe of this track... very nice groove. The sound of the instrumental backbone seems to have a lot going for it.

Strong classic rock feel, great lyrics mixed with a fun catchy riff. I thought the entire track was mixed well which really added to the strength of the track. Well done, talented band.

Lyrics paul sandberg Music paul sandberg
Publisher tatsu tunes Performance paul sandberg
Label tatsu tunes
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