All You Are

Story Behind The Song

a rainy day - feeling listless - missing what was once in my hands, but still in my heart

Song Description

rock ballad about realizing too late that she was all important

Song Length 4:47 Genre Rock - Classic, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing Subject Regret
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


woke up and heard the rain coming down outside - start to another dreary day
I know somewhere else the sun is shining
it's never clear since you've gone away

day follows day - I feel so weary
need something more to get me through
it used to be life never got me down
it used to be that I had you

oh, now it seems there is no reason
just endless streams of empty words
no point reaching out for new tomorrows
it all seems so absurd

how the hell is it I never noticed
all you are to me
was I sleeping with my eyes open
how was it I could not see
A million questions - you are the answer
everything is all you are to me

I loved the intro it had that folk rock feel and the voice had a distinctive Bob Dylan feel. However you nicely developed the arrangement and the song flowed into a contemporary rock ballad with a very pleasant hook and chorus. Very tight musicianship.

Thank you for such an easy review. Great vocals and lyric content. Musicianship is great, no awkward moments or bad notes. Vocals are at pitch and the timbre of the voice is nice to listen to. Harmonies fit well. The drums are really nice, very good tone on them and played very well. The guitar solo at the end has a nice and very fitting tone. All the rhythm guitar work is right on.

This song has great potential

sounds good

Lead singer has a bit of Bob Dylan in his voice, really dug the overall feel of the song. Its a nice mix of classic rock meets folk. Really liked when that solo kicks in around 3:40 and continues through the outtro. Excellent song and arrangement. Great market potential

Has a Bob Dylan sound to it!! Really nice tune, like the vocals and the music has a very pleasant sound to it! It sounds like 80's type music! Very Commercial and enjoyable tune!! Quite enjoyed the Solo guitar part, great musicianship!! This is a solid composition! Look forward to hearing more tunes from this Artist............

A really cool song with unexpected changes/modulations... runs from minor key verses to major key country with a nice bridge, all rooted in steady rock.

This is a nice track. I can hear this song on a TV/Movie. Keep up the good work!!!

smooth sailing...nice flow..... like the guitar chords.... vocals are strong....

Really good and well flowing piece that unfolds very nicely. Good instrumentation and vocals. Very original sounding.

I really like the intro which reminds me of Kate Bush's 'James And The Cold Gun'. Lovely verse melody. Great vocal delivery. The arrival of the rhythm section at 0.53 is really effective. The instrumentation is spot on - particularly the drums and rhythm guitar which are outstanding. A beautiful, dreamy, anthemic guitar solo in the outro. Strong lyrics with a rhyme scheme that works and never sounds forced.

It's raining in this sad love-lost song. Despair is well-communicated in the lyrics and the melody. Nice instrumentation and background vocals. Vocal performance is believably passionate. I like the connection between the word rain and streams. Very apropos. The quiet spot was a refreshing touch.

reminds me of CS&N early days---nice break

Lyrics paul sandberg Music paul sandberg
Producer paul sandberg Publisher tatsu tunes
Performance paul sandberg on acoustic guitar,bass, keys, vocals - Rick Millward on lead and solo guitar
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