running from reality

Song Length 3:47 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Folk - Rock



Im running from reality
because its not what its meant to be
the healing game awaits its claim
but then its put back on hold again
which gets me thinking about a drink
or ten or maybe more again
that's the joy of being young
when you're not harming anyone

so maybe Im not done with running
from the kings throne to the dungeon
I have turned my head away
when all around me rusted and crumbled
so incidentally Im a victim
of my very own infliction
I kicked up dust with no reflection
which blew right back in my direction
so Ill run and run
and Ill keep on running
running wild and free
Ill keep believing that those demons
are only in my dreams
and when Im done with all this running
maybe then Ill see
that all Im really running from
all Im really running from
all Im really running from
is me

Lyrics Owen Casey Producer Tom B├Ątzel

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