kiss upon your heart

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rock - Classic



Your eyes are wet my Juliet
your tears of black mascara
have poured into my soul
and told me secret things about you
You're late on set my Juliet
but now that you are here
Im going to take this time
and say a line or two into your ear

when first we met my Juliet
you saw that I was needing
you took me by the hand and lead me
to your land of eden
with a kiss you dismiss
all my worries far away
and with a smile
you make my life worthwhile
in every way
and I need you I need you like my heart beat
and I love you I love you more than words can say
theres no need to say I love you baby
and theres no time for talking till we part
and I need you I need till my dying day
and Ill seal that with a kiss upon your heart

Lyrics Owen Casey Producer Tom B├Ątzel

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