Icy eyes

Song Length 4:33 Genre Pop - Classic, Pop - Europop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Enchanting Subject Long, Relationship
Similar Artists Alicia Keys Language English
Era 2000 and later



I can't see where she used play anymore
Haven't back yet, soon you'll be here.
Sweet eyes, bright eyes, where are you
Maybe you think too much and don't know what you'll do.

Icy eyes, your icy eyes, thinking icy eyes, icy eyes.

You will always be far from me
but in your thoughts, you will see, you will find me.
Sweet eyes, bright eyes, where are you
I've been looking for you for years, but I can't find you.

Icy eyes, your icy eyes, thinking icy eyes, I remember only your icy eyes, your eyes.

I'm here again
I'm waiting
I'm here again
Waiting for you

You, where are you
I believe again
You, where are you
Don't believe

Who was he way back when
You said to me "Be quiet" it's not all right
Sweet eyes, ice eyes, where are you
It gets harder as time goes on

Your Icy eyes
Icy eyes

I love the piano sounds. in, addition the gated snare reverb sounds good, it late reminds of an late 80s, early 90s song.

Interesting voice - reminds me a lot of the singer in the 70's/80's band called Sparks. Also reminds me of Gotye (check out his track called Save Me).

I thought this was quite an original piece, which is good. I really liked the intro part too, I do like synth music. The tune was catchy enough too, I will prob have it stuck in my head for a while.
It was kind of retro 80s I thought. A mysterious piece too.

Nice song. Well done.

Great recording. very eerie feeling to it, I can imagine this in a movie where lovers are at a crossroads in their relationship....

I thought a rather clever jazzy number. Not sure I spotted a 'hook' other than the chorus so went n/a there. The long silences were very effective as was the wood block percussion. Loved the piano part. It grows on me with each succesive play and I think this song has a special quality that would have it in the top 10s. I have a couple of comments but overall thought this song was excellent.

Very atmospheric and emotional. Spare sound and good use of back-up vocals. While I didn't find a real hook, the use the organ (or synth) was really the signature for the piece and set the tone.

I liked the Icy Eyes "lyrical hook" plus I liked the "darkness or spookiness" of the recording, melody and chord changes as it communicated the "feeling" of the song--that comes through nicely. Also, I liked the fast vibrato of the singers voice--unique.

Loved the opening straight away, and the arrangement was plush, it matched the fantastic vocalist on this track, reminiscent of Dame Shirley Bassey in vibrato. My favourite track listened to so far on Broadjam. I cant wait to hear more from this artist, very sensual and moody, but with a calm and cool reserve. Sorry if this sounds gushing! But I liked this from the first few notes, you can tell when you are going to get some quality ear-candy! This one is going first on my playlist, and I have not got one yet!

Very reminiscent of early 1980s synth pop, very popular in Britain at the time. Brings back good memories for me.

Lyrics Osea Codega Music Osea Codega
Performance Osea Codega
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