Just Lovin You (IchLiebeDich) instrumental

Story Behind The Song

Nikki Hornsby's "Just Lovin' You" Song was translated into German and sent to Austria Europe by CJP-NHRecords office with Nikki Hornsby's approval. It was then taken into a studio where the instrumentation was changed into the European style of pop dance songs familiar to many overseas. Was licensed by an artist to sing Nikki Hornsby lyrics in German in Europe. Also to perform it live to this day in Zita's performances in Austria. It along with any other Nikki Hornsby songs (over 300 prior test marketed in different styles, tempos, and languages all(c)by Nikki Hornsby a few are registered with BMI) are available for licensing to any TV show or movie or even other recording artists.

Song Description

Nikki Hornsby has told many for years that if a song has a country vocalist with country instruments then it becomes country. If it has an opera singer with orchestra instruments it becomes ...and so on. Fortunately Nikki Hornsby has sung in and with different accents for years with her original Irish & Spanish plus other languages she has written in for her customers. Many are easily adaptable from one genera to another as this "Just Lovin' You" proves will last for a long time as she alone continues to carry on the Hornsby music family tradition she inherited.

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - Dance
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Era 2000 and later


N/A This is an instrumental of Nikki Hornsby music arranged in uptempo European pop dance style.

Lyrics n/a (translated into different languages) Music Nikki Hornsby
Producer CJP-NHRecords collaboration with Zita Publisher CJP-NHRecords & Nikki Hornsby
Performance n/a Label CJP-NHRecords USA & European release
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