Rock 'n' Roll Attraction

Song Length 3:16 Genre Pop - Rock
Mood Ecstatic Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Rock ?n? Roll Attraction
Written by: Jeff Luif & Natalie Hagan
Music By: Jeff Luif, Dave Jarmy, Pete Reno
Copyright 1991

I think it?s kinda funny
The way that things can go
And you know
It feels you?re living in a fantasy

The things we do
They cost no money
It?s just a feelin? inside
It?s when you?re rockin?
It?s when you?re rollin?
You know you?re feelin? alive

Oh yea

It?s just a rock and roll attraction
(It?s just a rock and roll attraction)
It?s just a rock and roll attraction

All the things that you needed
Before you know it seemed right
But now's the time change directions
And then you see the light

The people say
They give me money
They keep on asking for more
I gotta play it
I gotta say it
I gotta do it some more


Guitar Solo, Instrumental break

Chorus x 2

Lyrics Natalie Hagan & Jeff Luif Music Jeff Luif, Dave Jarmy, Pete Reno

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