I Need A Man

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Searching for Love


I Need A Man
Written By: Natalie Hagan
Music By: Charlie Poliacof
Copyright May 1998

I?ve been walkin? through life
Pretending I?m not lookin?
Cuz they say if you?re lookin?
That you?ll never find it

Well, now that I?ve fooled the crowd
I?ve got nothing to lose by shouting out loud

I need a man to love me
I need a man to hold me
I need a man to kiss me all over my body
I need a man to tease me
I need a man to please me
I need a man to sleep next to me every night
Are you a man?

Well, I?ve been fooled and cheated
And taken for granted
But this isn?t the fairy tale I had planned

How many frogs to I have to kiss
To finally meet my handsome prince


Fiddle Solo

I?ve amended my wish
Over a thousand times
I just want a love
That I can call all mine

I know you?re out there
Just hard to find
If you can hear me callin?
Give me a sign

Chorus x2
Are you a man?

Lyrics Natalie Hagan Music Charlie Poliacof

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