African Booty

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Sociable, Pleased Subject Dance, Girls, Women
Similar Artists Timbaland, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Language English
Era 2000 and later




[Chorus: Yo?Fran &Boogyman]
Pop that African booty (Black girls)
Pop that African booty (white girls)
Pop that African booty (Asians)
Pop that African booty (Mexicans)
Pop that African booty (my girl, uh)
Pop that African booty (do it girl)
Pop that African booty (I love you girl)
Pop that African booty
(Just look over your shoulders honey)

[Verse 1: Boogyman]
Pop that thing like you?re breaking your back
You got them low cut jeans that?s exposing you crack
Every nigga on the planet trying get in that
Can?t miss where your back and your ass in that
Yo it got to be something that?s up in the food
Cause now days white girls got booty too
Use to be just the sistas and the Mexicans
See a white girl pass got to check again
She got a deep ass tan are she could be mixed
All heads look the same when they sucking dick
Like two hams got shoved down her dress
Trying to be her new man so we can have some sex
She said her old man just couldn?t handle it
I mess around and put a bitch in the ambulance
They say boogyman you so scandalous
Cause I said pop that thang like a African, oooaaah


[Verse 2: Yo?Fran]
I said get yo butt on the floor girl
And pop it ?til you make my toes curl
Don?t be shy girl, it?s your world
James, it?s a girl?s world (uuugh)
Girl shake that thang to the beat, uh
Stand up don?t let it break those seats, uh, uh
The club is getting freaky nasty
Keep, keep heat come on tease me ask me
How you really want it I?ma freak to the core
If you?re insecure just keep it in doors
If you?re nasty just scream out more
The more you like it the more we?ll be on tour, on you?ll
Naste came to show you?ll, oh aaohh
This African booty roll call, oh aaoohh
Scream until your lungs hit the floor
And work them buns like workout video, here we go


[Verse 3: Boogyman & Yo?Fan]
Misses American giggolo
Can you make it go (clap) and touch your toes?
I said make it go (clap) and touch your toes
I said make it go (clap) and touch your toes
I was planning on move out to east L.A.
Best African bootties in the U.S.A
Eww wee what?s this I see
Baby ass so big is was staring at me
Yo, what you know about them girls with them round, rounds
Them girls that?s down to earth and can get down, down
What you know about that sound that get you downtown
That?ll have you get buck wild, baby now clown
I don?t care if you?re black or white
Yo?Fran?s in the house to see some ass tonight
If you had some tacos or you had some rice
I don?t give a fuck; I just don?t want to ask you twice
Now girl come on


Lyrics naste Music naste
Producer naste Publisher naste
Performance naste

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