Song Length 2:22 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood On Cloud Nine, Ecstatic Subject Celebration, Pimp, Prostitute
Similar Artists Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Timbaland Language English
Era 2000 and later




[Chorus: Boogyman]
Now I just jump in the party, spot me a shawtay
Hope she likes to dance
Wind up holding hands
Shit, she bout to come out them pants
Now I just jump in the party, spot me a shawtay
Hope she likes to dance
Wind up holding hands
Shit, she ?bout to come out them pants

[Verse 1: Boogyman]
This bitch don?t know who she?s fuckin with
Show hope she know how to suck a dick, though
Lick, lick, and take it all
All hell break loose when she drop them drawls
Listen to what I?m telling ya?ll
If ya, sippin on some alcohol
And ya, feeling like you want to play
This is all you got to say to the big Boog?a
Give a little grin the say hello, (Hi)
Get stretched out like caramelo.
Stretch it out, out, out on your pillow
Stretch it out,
Put your knees up to your?
And if you don?t know you better ask somebody
Specially when boog walk in the party
Cause I walk in really, really late
But everybody still think it?s really great
To see the Boog-Man come back in action,
No need in asking who?s the main attraction
Mackin on all these breezies
They keep acting like they all just need me
You can ask them if you don?t believe me
When I pass um I leave um greasy


[Verse 2: Yo?Fran]
Now I just jump in the party
Looking to rub somebody
Made eye contact with this shawtay
Look like she wants to get knotty
So I said, what?s up hottay?
Are you waiting for somebody?
I just want to dance
Come on and hold my hands
Let?s zoom, zoom, zoom to the floor
And move, move, move to the beat
Oh, do you know I?m a pro?
Oh, do you know I?m king?
She said, ?I love the way you?re smiling at me?
(Ba, pa, bum, bum, bum)
So I asked her what she?s doing at 3:00
She said, ?nothing, nothing?
Oh you?re doing something, something
You gone a little touchin?, touchin?
Some rump ba, ba, bump ba, ba, bumping, but you don?t know yet
Cause once I turn my charm on
Your hormones go like raorummmmm
Tongue kissin drunk, I know I?ll be
Twisted at the party, Cause


[Verse 3: Boogyman & Yo?Fran]
I walk in and I say, wud up? (Wud up)
Spot me the girl with the thickest butt
Dance with a girl who?s just ok
So I can find which fine ones staring at me
Then they probably think he ain?t into looks
But guess what, I?m not; I?m a pussy crook
Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones
Man I?ma freak, I fucks with all ?em
You want me,
And I want you too
(Breathing in and out)
When my lips are close to you
Got you feeling sexy
And you feel so sexy
I?ll undress you, you undress me
If convicted of feeling you, you arrest me

[Chorus 2x]

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