My Sword

Song Description

This song is a dark perspective on love and desire; the focus is on wanting someone to get to a point where they are so captivated by you that they would do anything you want them to... They would even die for you ('why don't you bleed for me?'). This is in contrast to the more romantic concept of simply falling in love with someone so deeply that you would die for them. This song portrays a much more selfish idea of love.

Song Length 3:57 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Composed, Troubled
Subject Dysfunctional Relations Similar Artists Annie Lennox
Language English Era 2000 and later


Shame on you
You just come up with the same excuse.
You can't thrive if you don't believe in truth.
You're not alive if you don't kiss me tonight.

Peas in a pod, that's not me and you
I dunno who you are or what you do
Give me time you won't regret.
Just show me what you're fighting for
I could be yours
Freeze in your body, don't be understated,
Throw away your keys, oh you'll be free,
Give yourself time to realise,
Just tell me what you're looking for,
Life is too short.

You've got my sword in your hand
But don't just hold it baby.
There's nothing holding you back
Just sink it deep into yourself
You think you're crazy.
But feel the doubts
Pour out.

Open your door,
And let me through into your hall.
I won't rob you blind, I'll just be kind,
You might let me see beyond those eyes

I'm not a rogue, not a sinner,
I'm just bouncin' on my heels,
You cannot judge me right this second
On what you have seen before,
I have too many flaws.
You either lose or be a winner,
Take this on or you'll be screwed,
I know I've seen it all before.
I'll give you one more second chance,
One more last dance.

Why don't you bleed for me?
Why don't you bleed for me?
Why don't you bleed? Why don't you bleed?
Why don't you bleed for me?

Lyrics Matt Lammin Music Matt Lammin
Producer Matt Lammin & Jason Tebble Performance Matt Lammin: Vocals & piano, Rob Chalmers: Guitar, Dave Semans: Bass, James Sills: Djembe

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