Keep The Peace With Me

Song Description

Keep The Peace with me is an uplifting song, driven by the hunger for a simpler life. So many things in life are overly complex and these things can be stressful even though they are meaningless. Perhaps the search for peace in the outside world could start with the search for inner peace, although this is a depressing circle, as it is the outside world that needs to change in order to allow this.

Song Length 4:07 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated Subject Peace
Similar Artists Annie Lennox Language English
Era 2000 and later


I heard you were walkin' 'round this way,
Well I wasn't born yesterday.
Just hold on to
What means the most to you
And walk on by, walk on by, walk on by.
Keep the peace with me.

I always give what you require,
But I never get what I desire.
So I'll gravitate,
And I'll take the bait.
I'll go with, go with you,
Over my head.

Keep the peace with me,
And say love is a given.
Feel the fire and shout,
Watch the flames drown out.
Keep the peace with me
Let's keep on livin'
Keep the peace, oh yeah..
Keep the peace with me.

I fear you will go on the offensive,
Just don't expect me to drop my defences,
You can't walk right over these fields of gold,
We can mend this rift,
So we don't lose the peace with me.


Lyrics Matt Lammin Music Matt Lammin
Producer Matt Lammin & Jason Tebble Performance Matt Lammin: All vocals & piano, Adam Watts: Accordian, Rob Chalmers: Guitar, Jason Tebble: Guitar, Dave Semans: Bass, Tony Jennings: Drums, Amy Chalmers: Violin, Nick Byrne: Cello

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