Vampire M. & A. Corey

Story Behind The Song

Made up story!!

Song Description

A Gothic tale of Love and mystery...... A made up story......

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Gothic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


"She Thinks She's a Vampire"
Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2017 (C)

1st Verse
She thinks she's a vampire, she parties all night
Sleeps all day, walks her dog in a hurricane
Ooooo......a hurricane.....
Who walks a dog in a hurricane?

2nd Verse
She wears a chain, with a big old cross
To scare her evil, Oooooo....spirits off
She thinks she's a Vampire
All alone..............

Mysterious woman, why the disguise
What secrets, lie behind those eyes......
She thinks she's a Vampire,
This isn't real, it's just a charade...............

3rd Verse
She dresses in black, but nobody died
She wears Goth make-up, so she can hide
I thought I saw her, Ooooo the other day
She turned and ran, Oh....the other way.......

Mysterious woman, why the disguise
What secrets, lie behind those eyes......
She thinks she's a Vampire, but I'm not afraid
This isn't real, it's just a charade

Come a Little Closer....I don't bite

Five stars all around. Great sounding track, I like the way the instruments intertwine to form the basis of this song. Great vocals round out the whole song.

Your song is very well done with a catchy, droning melody, which is what catches me first. All instrumentation and studio work is flawless. Excellent vocals that fit the mood and lyrics. The subject, "thinks she's a vampire," and references to partying, sleeping all day, are almost cliche, but the reference to it being a charade pulls the lyrics out and gives the song a strong meaning. Overall it's excellent and enjoyable.

This song reminds me of 80s movie stuff like Beverly hills cop, I think it is the drums and sax.

Interesting tune. In a good way. Not sure if the song belongs in the Gothic genre though. I could be wrong. The lyrics have a Gothic quality to them. The vocalist has an interesting approach to singing and his melody's were good. The instrumentation was solid as was the recording.

Cool, mystical sounding tune with a cool steady beat. Instrumentation here is top-notch and arrangement is great. Vocalist greatly helps along the scary effect of this piece.

The vocals are very goo. I like the instrumentation. I think the dual guitar parts are really nice. The rhythm is good. I like the wind in the beginning. The spoken voice in the background is a nice touch.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Producer Art Corey/Darren Gibbons
Performance M. Corey/ Keith Kallens Lead Vocals/Doc Peterson Sax
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