Have I Done Enough

Story Behind The Song

Recalling and pondering your life

Song Length 4:19 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject General
Language English Era 2000 and later


Have I Done Enough

As the sun sets down low I walk out the back door
To sit back and reminisce about the past
It's not been an easy life but I sure gave it a good try
I'm not quitting yet though time has gone so fast
Fantasies that did come true but many things I couldn't do
And I've always wondered where they could've lead
There were chapters I have closed left me with a tortured soul
But I tried to search for better days ahead

Time's like an arrow flying by you in a blink
So I have to wonder

Have I done enough, is there more that I could do
I have won and I have lost, there's not much more to prove
Have I done enough, when I leave this world behind
I'd like to rest my heart and soul, but with some peace of mind
I've come to appreciate, we must all accept our fate
But I can't stop thinking, have I done enough

I got married I had kids we have great relationships
And my family means the whole world to me
There's been anger there's been pain broken dreams that never mend
But I guess some things in life are meant to be
When memories begin to fade I sincerely hope and pray
That I didn't take more than I could give
And if I had to leave my mark I'd say it all came from the heart
It's the only way I've known how to live

And time won't change all I've loved and all I've lost
But I'll always wonder

They say life's about, having good health, finding love, loving yourself and being happy
But why then complicate things when we seem to have everything we need

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Marcel Agnolin Music Marcel Agnolin
Producer Marcel Agnolin Publisher N/A
Performance Marcel Agnolin Label N/A

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