Gin 'N Honey, Live

Story Behind The Song

Love can change you, love can change the world.

Song Description

A samba exploration of how relationships change and grow and change those in them.

Song Length 5:12 Genre Folk - Alternative, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Content Subject Relationship, Lover
Language English Era 2000 and later


Gin N' Honey

Words Bernie Gilbert and Brook Schoenfield

Music Brook Schoenfield © 2003

She's a strong woman, moves through trouble like tungsten steel

She used to joke and jive, covered up how she might feel

She thought she'd like a good hug, thought I might give one

And I can't deny It, sure was fun

We were hot from the first, tangled limb with limb

But I knew she had a husband, probably go back to him?

Ah, she took me by surprise, she redrew my map

Once you've opened up, ain't no going back


Love is change, love is danger

Ain't no way around it

Makes you feel strange, makes you act stranger

You'll know when you've found it

Love is change

Honey and ginger, piquant, poignant and sweet

Love her cool, love her hip, even loved her feet

Mouthful of gin, tang of juniper on my lips

Down it goes - quite a kick!


Who would've known, behind those stunts and her jokes

A woman with the power to heal all that's been broke

A woman with the courage to turn her life on end

Used to be lovers, now we?re lifetime friends


Lyrics Bernie Gilbert & Brook Music Brook
Producer Brook, Winter Publisher Melusine Records
Performance Brook Label Melusine Records

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