Story Behind The Song

People who drink wine justify it with a lot of ceremony. It's more high brow to drink a really nice wine than it is to drink out of a bottle in a paper bag. But, a lot of people who are drinking wine are really just Winos anyway.

Song Description

The pretenses of people who drink a lot of wine.

Song Length 2:51 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Jazz - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Composed Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Rickie Lee Jones, Anita Baker Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



You say it?s healthy, you tell me it?s chic.
You only drink it at the end of the week.

You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O
That?s how it goes.
You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O

You sniff it & swirl it, you turn up your nose.
You sip it & strut around in your designer clothes.

You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O
That?s how it goes
You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O

You judge the color; inhale the bouquet.
You appreciate it because it?s a fine cabernet.

You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O
That?s how it goes.
You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O.
You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O.
You?re a WINO, W-I-N-O.

Lyrics Lynda B. Lovett Music Lynda B. Lovett
Producer Jay Stocker Publisher Lynda Lovett Music
Performance Lynda B. Lovett Label N/A

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