Maybe It's Love

Song Length 3:55 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood On Cloud Nine
Language English Era 2000 and later


Maybe It's Love
(c) 2009 Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli

The first glance
Was innocent enough
Now I'm spellbound
Cause you're all I can think of

I see you
Everywhere I go
You're my daydream
You are all I know

My head's in the clouds
My tongue is tied
I'm walking in a daze
Totally mesmerized

Maybe it's love
Baby I'm certain
Maybe it's love
Honey I'm sure
Maybe this time I'll finally go
Where I've never been before
Maybe it's love

Do you remember
When we met in my dreams
It's hard to believe
You're more than a fantasy

Because I feel like
I'm inside a fairytale
Every scene playing out
In Technicolor detail

When I'm with you
I'm walking on air
You're all that I need
Somebody answered my prayer


Most definitely
I think I'm sure
Or I could be crazy
Yeah I'm convinced
You're the one, baby
It's certifiably true
There's no denying it
I'm your lady
Absolutely yes
I really think it's gotta be


Lyrics Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli Music Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Lisa Horan
Producer Stephen Joseph Performance Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli
Label Studio Unknown
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