Better for the Worst

Story Behind The Song

The lyrics for the song were actually written for a Nashville artist who was looking for songs about overcoming obstacles, finding strength through painful circumstances, and celebrating making it on her own.

Song Description

"Better for the Worst" is a song that may be a familiar anthem for many people. It tells the story of a person who has taken wrong paths in life, felt like she had reached the end, but somehow managed to come out of all the heartache and crap better off than she was before.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Content
Subject Encouragement Language English
Era 2000 and later


Better for the Worst
(c) 2010 Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Kevin Hill

Zig zagging down a broken road
Not knowing which way to go
A piece of me had dried up and died
I was looking for an alibi

To excuse me from my past
Of a life lived too hard and fast
Quick words, bitter heart
I needed nothing but a brand new start

Like spring reverses winter's plans
I was given a second chance

I may have been down
But I'm not out
I may have made bad choices
Listened to wrong voices
But I'm all the better for it now

I may have been weak
But I am back up on my feet
And I'm better for the worst
Better for the worst
That I have been

Thought I was going insane
But there was purpose in my pain
It helped reveal the hidden me
The me I knew that I could be

I dragged myself from off the ground
Got my bearings and turned myself around
Stopped the blame, faced the shame
Got my head back into the game


It's amazing how much you can see when the trees are bare
When the sun can shine on things you never knew were there
If not for being broken I would not be whole
When I stopped running from myself I caught up with my soul


Lyrics Lisa Horan Music Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Kevin Hill
Producer Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Kevin Hill Performance Lisa Horan, Stephen Joseph Antonelli
Label Studio Unknown Records
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