Bluesy Lil' Tipsy Christmas

Story Behind The Song

Just couldn't sleep one nite, so this came about. It made me laugh, so I thought it might make you laugh too?

Song Description

A comical look at the holi"daze" though the eyes of a happy person (who may have had too much to drink).

Song Length 2:22 Genre Country - Americana, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Jovial Subject Laugh, Smile, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Jimmy Buffett, The Blues Brothers Language English
Era 2000 and later


Bluesy Lil' Tipsy Christmas

It's a Bluesy Lil' Christmas, pa rum pa pump pum
I been a good girl though so I know Santa's gonna come
I laid him out some cookies and a big tall glass of milk
Right there next to the egg nog / and the rum that I spilt but
I've been a really good girl though / I'm feeling better all the time
Santa could you bring me a bottle of that chardena wine?

It's a Bluesey little Christmas, you can sing along
Come on you know the words it's a classic Country( uh, Christmas) song
It goes "Jingle bells Jingle bells jingle bells rock
Over the hills we go and
Hey there's a bar! Can we stop?
Cuz I'm getting' kinda thirsty again and this sleigh is goin' so fast
There's snow is in my eye and there's a whole in my glass

It's a tipsy Lil' Christmas / don't you drink while you drive!
Unless you're in a sleigh! / and Santa's by your side!
Then you can tell him bout your wishes / and the stuff you wanna get
Don't worry No policeman ever gives Santa any shi ... tickets
So what do you say? How 'bout some holiday cheer? I tell ya, I'd sing a lot better if I'd had me another beer

It's a bluesey lil' Christmas (here's to Santa's red hat)
It's a bluesey Lil' Christmas (hey / I'll drink to that)
It's a bluesey Lil' Christmas (here's to fudge and to mistletoe)
It's a bluesey Lil' Christmas (and to Santa's "ho - ho - ho")
It's a bluesey Lil' Christmas / You know you gotta believe!
That reindeer can fly and that I ain't singing off key
(it's a tipsy Lil' Christmas! / No it's a bluesy one / but it's tipsy too!)

Copyright 11-20-2012 Linda Mckenzie

Lyrics Linda Mckenzie Music Linda Mckenzie
Producer Linda Mckenzie Publisher Addagirl Music
Performance Linda Mckenzie Label Addagirl Music
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