On My Mind

Story Behind The Song

Thought it was about time for a good duet in the vein of Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow ... a song that wasn't about blame or bashing the one you used to love. So this song was created out of that need. Wanted to write a positive song about 2 people who really did love each other at one time, but something caused their parting and a rash emotional decision that probably wasn't well thought out. Secretly, the couple each regrets their decision to part. This is them, singing their true love feelings, dropping their pride, and admitting that they love & miss one another. This is that "make-up" song & message. Everyone has differences and sometimes we say or do things that we really don't mean and then we don't' know how to "un-do" the damage? We are humans and we make mistakes. What's important though, is admitting when you've made a mistake; and acknowledging true love when its genuine & special. (Humbling, isn't it?)

Song Description

See "Story Behind the Song"

Song Length 2:53 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Welcoming, Diplomatic Subject Making Up, Regret
Similar Artists Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow Language English
Era 2000 and later


On My Mind

I saw you on the street today
It almost took my breath away
There's still so much I want to say
Baby you are on my mind

Does it matter who was wrong or right?
Is it important now who won the fight?
Do you ever think of me at night?
Baby you are on my mind

I miss the stupid little things you did
Like leavin' notes under the sugar lid
How we belly laughed just like two kids
Baby you are on my mind

If you'll lay down your pride
I will lay down mine
We'll turn back the hands to a place in time

Where it don't matter who was wrong or right
No, No, it's not important now who won the fight
Let's lock the door and make love tonight
Baby you (you) are on (are on) my mind
You're on mind mind
Oh baby you are on mind

© June 19, 2013 writers Jerry Fox & Linda Mckenzie

Lyrics Jerry Fox & Linda Mckenzie Music Jerry Fox & Linda Mckenzie
Producer Jerry Fox & Linda Mckenzie Publisher Addagirl Music (ASCAP)
Performance studio singers Label Addagirl Music
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