Tell Me Something

Song Length 3:45 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Heaven, Love for Child
Language English Era 2000 and later



Well my heart is open
But the stores are all closed
I can never seem to find
What I need most

I just wanted something
To ease a little boy's pain
'Cause a young child suffering
Needs his father and his mother
At such a tender age

So help me, can anybody tell me something I don't know
To take his pain away?

You know that heaven must be out there
'Cause love reigns somewhere
When even broken sinners know
To teach their little children how to pray

My heart shattered
To see that little boy smile
He told me that he loved me
Squeezed me and he hugged me
So hard I couldn't help but cry

But he wasn't one to carry on
Or cause a lot of trouble
I loved him like my own son
And we all just crumbled

His days got shorter and the sun got warmer
But the winter wouldn't fade away
And all the saints and sinners
Could only stand and linger
Waiting turns to hold his Momma's hand

Music & Lyrics by Tony Gargiulo (ASCAP-w&p)All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2014

liked the vocal style. and style of the song. a grower of a track
good performance and musical backing. i liked it

Excellent vocalist delivers a fine song and great message about life, family, prayers and lessons learned. The layered harmonies work well in the arrangement and the band overall has a great live sound. Had two listens just to enjoy it.

very good melody - this song reminds me a movie I've seen couple of years back - production and arrangement top notch - would suggest the artist to try to place this song in a movie or tv series

Lyrics Tony Gargiulo Music Tony Gargiulo
Producer Tony Gargiulo, Mark Giacobbe, John Cashwell, Rob Mosquera Publisher AntGarg Publishing
Performance Tony Gargiulo, John Cashwell, Rob Mosquera, Mike Luisi Label LightFinger/AntGarg
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