Leave A Light On

Song Length 3:39 Genre Country - Alternative, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Moving Subject Long, Musician
Similar Artists Joe Nichols, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later


Leave A Light On

I never wake you while you're sleeping
Tuck a feather pillow under your head
I wonder what you're dreaming
And throw another blanket on your bed

To keep you warm and happy
Tonight it's the best I can do
I could watch you breathing
But there's something I've just got to do

No matter how long I'm gone
Leave A Light On

One last kiss on your forehead
You whisper something under your breath
And driving down the highway
I try to figure out what you just said

Well, I just can't remember
But I know I don't want to forget
Through the storm outside
And a cold, dark night
I'm realizing what you said

No matter how long you're gone
I'll Leave A Light On
No matter how long I'm gone
Leave A Light On

Music/Lyrics by T. Gargiulo (ASCAP)
Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

This song started with a whole lot of cool. Raspy vocal...good imagery in the bedroom..the chorus really brought life to the moody 1st verses...Really like the vocal work...really fit the mood..Instrumentation was real and honest...kinda garage band, but clean and tight. Overall I liked the song and the chorus is still in my head.

Great use of vibes. I got invited in. For the right audience. Thats a great hook. Nice sound.

Lyrics Tony Gargiulo Music Tony Gargiulo
Producer Tony Gargiulo, Rob Mosquera Publisher AntGarg Publishing
Performance Tony Gargiulo- vocals/guitars, Joe Luisi- guitars/vocals, Rob Mosquera- Bass, Mike Luisi- Drums Label LightFinger/AntGarg Publishing
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