Love's Great Lie

Story Behind The Song

Love. It's a bit of a bitch sometimes.

Song Description

Sexy sultry thoughts on the irony in love, strength and loss delivered to the accompaniment of some truly classic wild guitar played by Tom Waits' guitarist Marc Ribot and a delicious bed of brass and woodwind.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Rock - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Cool Subject Lies, Bad Love
Similar Artists Tom Waits, Marc Ribot, Lounge Lizards, Marvin Pont Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love's great lie
Makes you want to lay down and die
Breaks all the rules until the broken rules apply
Salts your tears every time you cry

Love's great lie
Leaves you wondering why
Oh how many knots must a broken heart untie
to undo it? (I wish I knew it)

Every spark
Every tender beat
Every minor fluctuation of your lonesome body heat
Every pit pat of a heart as it loses a beat
but all I know is love
All I know is love
All I know is...

Love, love, love, love....

Love's sweet shame: making the wild one tame
Breaking the rules but then you'll always take the blame
You'll be the loser when you play

Love's great game: why do we insist on playing?
Love plays dirty and you really can't undo it
You try playing fair but then you always rue it...

Love, love, love...

Love's great lie: you think you won the battle but I
I have determined not to fall again
Never will I become so small again
In love's great pain: why would a lover ever love again?
How many knots can a broken heart untie
to undo it? - I wish I knew it

But all I know is love
All I know is love
All I know is love
All I know is...

Love, love, love, love
Love's great lie

I like the bass line in this tune and I like the female singer's singing style and I hope the group continues to create more original music. The female singer reminds me of the rock and roll singer from Ireland and I can not think of her name.

Lyrics Kirsty McGee Music Kirsty McGee
Producer Kirsty McGee, Howard Jacobs, Barkley McKay Publisher Touch Tone
Performance Kirsty McGee (voice, guitar, bass flute), Howard Jacobs (percussion, bass clarinet), Nick Blacka (double bass), Marc Ribot (electric guitar), Biff Roxby (brass) Label Hobopop Recordings

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