Story Behind The Song

Upbeat cheerful romp complete with clarinet, trombone, double bass, banjo and New Orleans rhythms...oh, and a bit of amateur yodelling. And it's about capitalism.

Song Length 2:39 Genre Jazz - Dixieland, Jazz - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Frenetic, Ecstatic Subject Freedom, Capitalism
Similar Artists Randy Newman Language English
Era 2000 and later


you've got to eat
if you want to stay strong
you've got to fight
if you want to get along
this world is red in tooth and nail,
don't want to be left at the bottom of the pail
you've got to eat if you want to stay strong

don't just sit
like a fish inside a stone
you can feel it in your bones:
you know it's time to move on
and that's just it
now that you're fully-grown
you know you've got to stay strong
and if you're gonna stay strong...


oh it really doesn't matter if you're wrong or right:
they're stronger than you and they're putting up a fight
oh it really doesn't matter if you're big or small
old bonecrusher doesn't bother at all

words: well they were never quite enough
that old pen just don't compete with the mighty sword
fire: well you can burn it all up
but watch you don't get burned
when the flames take hold

(oh it really doesn't matter etc.)

i've done my bit
for peace and goodwill
i know i could do more
i guess i probably will
if you don't know yet
how to fight and how to kill
just sit tight and eat
you've got to eat your fill


© 2008 kirsty mcgee / big oak songs

Lyrics Kirsty McGee Music Kirsty McGee
Producer Mike West Publisher Touch Tones
Performance Kirsty McGee, Mat Martin, Mike West, Katie Euliss, Tom Johnson, Colin Mahoney, Larry Maxey, Label Hobopop Recordings

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