Diamond Days

Story Behind The Song

Returning from the Mojave desert to grey, miserable Manchester is not a fun thing to do.

Song Description

Band: Kirsty McGee & The Hobopop Collective

Song Length 3:29 Genre Jazz - General, Folk - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Amiable, Affable Subject Desert, Joy
Similar Artists Randy Newman Language English
Era 2000 and later


Diamond Days (Kirsty McGee)

Lately all my wishes
burned so bright and new
like desert skies where desert stars
Scatter all the evening dew

The desert skies like diamonds fade into a morning desert haze
where diamonds shine beneath the sun and there's enough for everyone

That's why it's so

Funny how those troubles seem to burn out in a blaze
of smoke inside the mirrors of our blessed diamonds days
but I do not know what hurts me so now you are far away
So goddamn you happy Goddamn you, diamond days

Why do I feel like I left something just exactly out of reach
We all can learn a lesson even those of us who teach
So go gently into this dark night where bluer stars can creep
and goddamn you, happy Goddamn you, happy

If I could cry then I would cry as many tears as stars
But I'm so far away from you, my tears they dry like desert dew

So best get on my feet again as best as I am able
I will swing by all our favourite haunts and sit there at our favourite table
Drinking, as the stars rise in a million shades of grey

Goddamn you happy
goddamn you, diamond days

Lately all that I was promised fell down on me like stars
An ocean full of midnights, full of dreams and of guitars
But I do not know how it was so so very hypnotising
Goddamn you, happy
you're so goddamn hypnotising

Here I stare through blue eyes, so much bluer than the skies
and I cannot tell the difference between gentle truths and lies
We had a ball but now it all seems very far away

Goddamn you, happy
Goddamn you, diamond days

Lyrics Kirsty McGee Music Kirsty McGee
Producer Kirsty McGee, Barkley McKay Publisher Touch Tones
Performance Kirsty McGee, Howard Jacobs, John Ellis, Biff Roxby, Dave Tompkins Label Hobopop Recordings

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