Mexican Jail

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Aman goes to Mexico with his buddies and gets drunk and ends up in a Mexican Jail. He vows never to drink again if gets out his situation alive. he does get out but on the way back to his hotel they stop off at a the same cantina and do it again. He ends

Song Length 3:26 Genre Country - General, Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Regret
Language English Era 2000 and later


Mexican Jail

We were in Mexico, drinking tequila on the beach with the sun going down
We went looking for some pretty senoritas so we took that party into town

We stopped off at this little cantina and we shot a couple more
Before I knew what really hit me I was kissing that hardwood floor
When I came to there were bars on the windows and air smelled kind of stale
too much Jose? and lime now I?m doing time here in this Mexican jail

I swear I?ll never drink Tequila again Lord get me out of hear
I promise to pray to you everyday, I?ll even quit drinking beer
I learned my lesson bout messin' with the devil it was all to no avail
I swear I?ll never drink tequila again Lord get me out of this Mexican jail

This big old one eyed Mexican deputy come strolling across the floor
He started yelling out my name as he opened that jail cell door
He said some amigos of yours posted your bail so you are free to go
But I don?t want to see you here again gringo you better take things real slow


I wish I could say that ?s where the story ends but it wasn?t meant to be
You see we stopped off at that little cantina and the devil got the best of me
One turned to two and two into four and my memory began to fail
I woke in the last place I wanted to be on the floor of that Mexican jail


Oh yes nice up tempo song, worried when it started the clichee and tequila bit and sun set..but nice instrumentation, good guitar job, nice voice, drum not so sure..too straight forward with the dubble snare..dont do it..has a nice swing, positive vibe. Smooth Chorus..word wise..

Lyrics Ken McCoy and Mike Norman Music Ken McCoy and Mike Norman
Producer Mike Norman Publisher Dirt Kickin' Music
Performance Ken McCoy Label Fireside Records
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