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I wrote this because I felt that is the way my Son felt. I just thought it was the way that he was thinking, cause he was the black sheep. So John this is for you.

Song Length 3:35 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Outcast written by: Kaye Logan
May 25th 2004

If they could just forgive me
The ones I hurt, along the way
I?d start life, and live over?and make up for yesterday
But it?s to late nobody wants me
Guess it?s best I move along
I?m just an outcast
And I don?t know where I belong

My mother, sisters and brother?they just gave up on me
I wished that I had listened?but back then I couldn?t see
Now my eyes have finally opened?
Now I see that they were right?
But it?s to late?
I?m still an outcast in the night


I?m an outcast in our town
No one wants me around
When I walk by they all turn away
What a price I?ve had to pay
What a price I?ve had to pay
For mistakes that I have made
No one wants me around
I?m an outcast in our town

Music Turn-A-Round Repeat Chorus:
Tag: No one wants me around, I?m an outcast in our town

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