Kiss This

Song Length 4:02 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Honky Tonk
Tempo Fast (151 - 170)


Kiss this I?m out of here written by Kaye Logan July 2005- Key of: G

I?m burning all old bridges
So you best be lettin? me go
This fire?s bout to catch you
And I hope it burns you slow

Got a bran new box of Matches
And I ain?t wasting time
I?m burnig these old memories
I ain?t leavin? none behind


You?re burning that candle at both ends
Baby this is where you and I are gonna? end
You won?t see me hanging around crying in my beer
I?m telling you baby, to kiss this?. I?m out of here

Music Break: Two Chours?s

These boots are made for walking
But baby I?m ah gonna run
I?m moving in the fast lane
I got a brand new match to burn

So put this in your smoke and pipe it
I?m not playing your game no more
Theres just enough rope to hang youself
Good bye I?m out The door

Repeat Chorus: Once

Music break: Chorus Twice
Repeat Chorus: once

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