I'm The One (piano acoustic)

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I tend to believe that for every beautiful soul out there, there is another matching soul. "The One" to make things (life, love and happiness) right. Now I know that I am not every woman's "the one" but it is my song (smile) and my wish. I am ho

Song Length 5:48 Genre R & B - Soul, Spoken Word - Experimental
Mood Enchanting Subject Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


I?m The One

If I said I?m the one
Who would love like no one
I would do anything for your heart
Would you know that the way I feel
Is true, with all my heart
Can you tell I?m sincere with my love.
I?m the one.

If I promise to give, (my all)
For as long as I live
Yes I?d do anything for your trust
Would you know that my love is true
I could never break your heart
Can you tell I?m sincere and in love

I?m the one
I am the love and I?ll prove if you give me a try
That I?m the one, who
Has never felt before
What I do, next to you. I?m the one.

All the other guys, they don?t understand that you need true love in your man.
I saw the look in your eyes, and I?m sure, I?m the one.

If I said, just to you
Told you all I would do
I will give anything for you love
would you know just a word from you
is what my heart is waiting (beating) for.
Can?t you see that it?s me. I?m your love.


Copyright October 2001 by Karl A. Bullard

Lyrics Karl Bullard Music Karl Bullard
Producer Karl Bullard Performance Karl Bullard
Label Karl Bullard for Blue Room Music

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