Crush (Denied)

Story Behind The Song

heh heh save that for another day...wink

Song Description

Although the mutual attrction is undeniable, the truth is the Crush must remain a secret and unrealized.

Song Length 4:59 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Attracted, Crush Language English
Era 2000 and later


My crush denied Karl Bullard 6 march 2004

Every time that I close my eyes
I just can?t - help but wonder why
I can?t deny you.
It?s crazy when I realize,
While pondering the things you do

You got me twisted and got me wishing
That you -----were in love --- with me.
(yeah I got it bad)

The fact exist that you?ve got your guy
And I?ll insist that my own cutie-pie
Is love of my life ? that?s why I made her my wife
(damn, I?m in trouble)

The truth remains in how I feel
Still fallin for your whip appeal
But I just can?t give in ? and it can?t be real

(I can feel the rush, can you feel me
Keep it on the hush, keep it real see
I?ll keep my tender kiss
Can?t reveal my crush-
Still I?ll play my part, almost daily
Hope my broken heart don?t betray me
I?ll keep my secret crush denied)

(but that?s why)
Every time that I close my eyes
I keep - Your tender kiss and my crush denied
It?s crazy what I feel inside
Still pondering the things you?d do.

If you were my girl, I?d keep you right there (my heart)
Sometimes I wish - that we were in love

We both have love and happy lives
Don?t make no sense to jeopardize
The love of your guy ? the love of my wife.

So I?ll resist you for one more night
and secretly I?ll keep inside
My tender kiss and my crush denied ShyboyMusic

Lyrics Karl Bullard Music Karl Bullard
Producer Karl Bullard Performance Karl Bullard
Label Karl Bullard for Blue Room Music

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