Forevermore ( by Julia Schmidt )

Story Behind The Song

I sat down at the piano and composed this song fairly quickly and the lyrics and melody just started to flow.." He will always be the one to love you forevermore!" Peter Schwepker did an amazing production for me!! The song overall gives me an Amy Grant vibe which of whom was my inspiration since I was about fourteen! enjoy and you may be singing along with the chorus by the end as I love catchy melodies ;)

Song Description

God is the ultimate One who will be there for you " Forevermore".. He made that promise!" we were made in His image".....

Song Length 4:27 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Gracious, In High Spirits
Subject Spirituality, God Similar Artists Amy Grant

Lovely song! Well done! this song has a lot of potential, great melody and rhythm and the vocals are very proffessional! Thank you for letting me listen to your work, keep writing music and praising God, you have a gift!

Lyrics Julia Schmidt Music Julia Schmidt / Peter Schwepker ( production )
Producer Julia Schmidt / Dave Mosca Performance Julia Schmidt
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