Breath of Heaven

Story Behind The Song

This is a beautiful song of Mary the Mother of Jesus who is about to give birth to God's only Son...She is calling on the Holy Spirit " Breath of Heaven" to give her strength to endure this most important task of raising the Son of God... it will take you back in time to that very first Christmas eve.

Song Length 5:16 Genre Unique - Holiday
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Troubled, Quiet
Subject Spirituality, Loneliness Similar Artists Amy Grant
Era 1990 - 1999

This is a song I find hard to review. The voice is lovely but a bit strained. The melody craves too many long vowels and elongated words to get the lyrics to fit everywhere. The singer can do it very well and it sounds beautiful, but with a voice like that the singer should have less stress, it should ring out.

Performance Julia Schmidt
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