Maybe I Won't

Song Description

"Maybe I Won't" is on Julianne Ankley's album "Vivid", which won the 2012 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Country Album.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Country - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Pleased, In High Spirits Subject Attracted, Crush, Searching for Love
Similar Artists Sugarland Language English
Era 2000 and later


Maybe I Won't
@2010 Julianne Ankley/Toil And Trouble Music (BMI)

Well I see you gawkin' out of the corner of my eye
Tryin' to be cool when you're oh so shy
Baby we ain't babies so let's get on with this

I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' I might be cool
you're thinkin' I'm thinkin' you might be a fool
Tick tick tickin' my clock it's goin' like this

Maybe I'll laugh at you
Or make a face
Or politely decline
Then run outta this place
You ain't never gonna find out until you ask
I might say no
Oh but then again
maybe I won't

Two weeks later you're at my door
checkin' me out to the ceilin', down to the floor
you say "honey you look nice dressed like this"

I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' this is uptight
I'm thinkin' that maybe you might be right
Talk talk talkin' my nerves are goin' like this

Maybe I'll laugh at you
Or make a face
cause most of your jokes
are in bad taste
you ain't never gonna find out if I'm having a good time
I might say no
Oh but then again
Maybe I won't

The evening flew and it's almost done
Will we end up as lovers just havin' fun
You say "honey I ain't had a night much better than this"

I'm thinkin' youre thinkin' you wanna come in
I'm thinkin' I ain't ready to cross that bridge
Small small small talkin's comin' to an end

So I smile at you
you wanna ask for a kiss
Will I politely decline, will it end like this
You ain't never gonna find out until you ask
I might say no
Oh but then again, oh yeah then again
Maybe I won't , Maybe I won't, Mabye I will? But I'm thinkin' I won't...

Lyrics Julianne Ankley Music Julianne Ankley
Producer Nolan Mendenhall Publisher Julianne Ankley/Toil and Trouble Music
Performance Julianne Ankley

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