Studly Do-Right

Song Description

Studly Do-Right is the party guy who overloads on beer.

Song Length 2:02 Genre Folk - Rock, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Jovial
Subject Party


Well, everyone knows that you're a stud
You're sexy, you're cool, you're number one
So take a bow and drink some beer
'Cause everyone knows that's why you're here
Oh, you're in the limelight, Studly Do-Right.

Well, drink a pitcher and drink some more
Ten gallons later you're on the floor
Well, if you do something, you do it right
You don't learn something overnight
Well, no one can hold it in like Studly Do-Right!

Well, you can't recall what you said last night with all that anti-freeze in your stomach,
You're gonna wake up one fine morning with a great big hangover from it,
So take some aspirin and eat some bread,
Drink some beer, are you well fed?

Yeah, everyone knows that you're a stud
You dress so cool, you're number one
And every hair is in its place
Looks so good on your plastic face
Well, you're right on time, Studly Do-Right!

Well, everyone knows that you're a stud
You're sexy, you're cool, you're number one
And everybody loves you here
'Cause you're the one who buys all the beer!
Well, you're in the limelight
Oh, you're in the limelight
Yes, you're in the limelight,
Studly Do-Right!

I love your authenticity. I love your intelligence. You have a concept, "Studly Do Right," and you go for it. Including the beer being poured, the sound of the audience in the background, your counting off at the beginning, keeps the listener engaged and having fun. I appreciate you smart lyrics and what it gets me thinking about. For the cheekiness of the song, I feel the arrangement works, as if you're playing the song at a campfire of which I'm a part.

This one had me smiling from the first cracking of a can of beer. :)

Very clever tune, terrific lyrics and could easily find its way into film or TV. Nicely done

Lyrics John Walradt Music John Walradt
Producer John Walradt
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