I am a singer/songwriter. I write songs to help develop mental and spiritual health. In my mind, there is no better tool than music for such a goal. I've written songs for over 30 years and feel as though I finally know my voice.
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Thank you for a wonderfully thorough review and critique of "Walks with Grace". This is EXACTLY why we are here on Broadjam. Thank you for taking the time to be so specific, and for your great suggestions! We truly appreciate it, and incorporate all these great reviews into the way we approach remixes, as well as crafting new songs.

By the way, I recognized your name... I had the pleasure of getting your song "Are You There?" as a "random" review a few weeks ago, and it really moved me. Such a hauntingly beautiful song.

Best Regards,
Jason Mancine

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Monday Funeral
over 30 days ago

Thanks very much Jason. It was my pleasure. And thank you for your kind words about "Are you There." With most of my music I intentionally keep it as genuine as I can, because that's what moves me personally. I try to capture real moments and display them in a final recording. Your words made me feel supported in that goal.

Thanks for the review of "Gonna Be On Time"! My last days on tape about 1986.

Bravo on "Are You There"! Catnip=+=

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