Alpha 1

Song Description

In search of a new home

Song Length 3:30 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Blues - Modern
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Universe


This is a message from Alpha 1
By now you know that we?ve all packed and gone
We?ve taken our hope and our families
Now our course is set
We?re heading for a home that we have not found yet

Look at the stars they do shine bright
Look at the planets like atoms in eternal night
The children are sleeping to the sound of the engine drive
And the universe is really quiet tonight

How did this all come to pass,
Decided so fast before anyone noticed
No more range to roam
It?s time for moving on

We?re pioneers on Alpha1
Our path is distant but a new generation will come
I know we?re afraid but the choice has been made
A new foundation will be laid
When the search is over and we have found a home


Greetings from Alpha 1

Lyrics John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis Music John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis
Producer John Temple Zarvis Publisher N/A
Performance John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis Label N/A
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