Missing You

Song Length 3:38 Genre Blues - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed Subject Lost Love
Language English


I?m missin you, Things just aint the same
When you walked out on me baby,
I only got myself to blame
So I whipped out my revolver,
Started shooting at the moon
Then I bought a bottle of whiskey,
And a hotel room

I?m missin you,
Didn?t mean to do what I done
I had an itchy trigger baby,
I just wanted to have some fun
I swear it wasn?t nothing
I won?t see that girl no more
Every time I turn my back baby,
I see you walkin out that door

They say the heart is a lonely hunter,
Stalking love in the arms of another
No matter how hard I try,
To break this feeling inside
This pain is chain in my heart
Baby please give us a brand new start?cause

Guitar Solo:

They say the heart is like a hunter,
Stalking loneliness from another
No matter how I try,
Not to feel this feeling inside
This pain is a chain in my heart

I hear church bells ringin,
Must be Sunday morning now
Still no sign of you baby,
Without you I don?t know how?
I?m gonna go on with my livin,
I can?t find no way to smile
May?s well hop up on a freight train,
And be a loser for a while
But I can?t go on much longer,
cause my heart is turning blue
And It hurts so bad now baby?.(music stops),
?Cause I?m missin you (vocal alone)

Lyrics John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis Music John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis
Producer John Temple Zarvis Publisher N/A
Performance John Temple Zarvis, Paul Zarvis Label N/A
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