If I Could Walk On Water

Song Description

I posed the song idea to several of my songwriting friends and we are getting a great collection of songs in different feelings for the idea.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, Nervous Subject Philosophy, Suspicion
Language English Era 2000 and later


If I could walk on water
I wonder.....

If I could walk on water,
I wonder
If my feet would get wet

If I could tiptoe on the tides
I wonder
If I would try to trick you with a bet

If I could slide across the surf
I wonder
If I'd be performing on the strip

If I could walk on water
would I share my gift or keep it to myself
And if I shared it with my fellow man
Would I just end up getting wet

Would my songs become psalms
like some sermon from the stage
Would my friends be writing books
explaining what I said
So many different versions
Like they see inside my soul
in the end they'd sell me off
for a pocket full of gold.

If I could walk on water
what would it mean
If I lit a cigarette
Would there be some special meaning
in the ashes
Some kind of mystery in those
burnholes on my vest
And if I smoked a certain brand
Would I gain some kind of
corporate sponsorship

If I could walk on water
could I change the world in anyway
Or would someone else make profits
and for my sins I'd just have to pay

The press and paparazi
would push hard to find the dirt
The clergy with their coffers
would cry out to save the church
They'd want to crucify me
on a lower case "t"
and charge millions for the adspapce
when it ran on tv

If I could walk on water
would it make a difference anyway
If I could walk on water

If I could walk on water
Oh I wonder..........

jeff rauschl

Enjoyed the vocal tone and pitch was decent. Lyrics are thoughtful.

Great tune, really good interesting lyrics. I really enjoyed the song structure, in fact its just a good quality, interesting, challenging song

That was an interesting song. If I could walk on water...only Peter and Jesus did that, and when Peter took his eyes off Jesus, he started sinking. Your take is....If only you could walk on water....and then your imagination breaks loose with all sorts of possible happenings. Pretty clever. I think your lyric writing is very original. The hook is memorable.

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Jeff Rauschl
Producer Jeff Rauschl Publisher Jeff Rauschl
Performance Jeff Rauschl Label Jeff Rauschl
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